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Outsourced Staffing

Hiring new resources without taking up a headcount

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Productivity is achieved by recruiting only those core employees. By utilizing our Outsourced Staffing, organizations are best positioned to handle expected and unexpected increased workloads.

Our Outsourced Staffing has helped our clients reduce overheads, and increase productivity through our responsive and flexible Outsourced Staffing solutions. Our approach to developing each flexible staffing program is unique to each client's specific business and circumstances. As such, our tailored solutions come in many forms and that include:

  • Temporary staff to handle peak workloads, special projects, and cover employee absences;

  • Holding the headcount and send the assignee to client's office to take up contract or permanent role; and 

  • Outsourcing of non-core functions which allows our clients to focus on their core businesses, and control non-core business expense.

We take the concept of business partnership with our clients seriously.

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